Cloud infrastructure

Server room, modern data center. 3D illustration

We provide fully configurable, dynamically and flexibly configurable virtual private server infrastructure in the cloud that adjusts to the needs of each client.

Our service will provide you with the best infrastructure for your company, with optimal security levels and customized resource control to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Our cloud server service is all-inclusive, the solution offered includes all the necessary elements at the level of resources, security, backup, monitoring and technical support, thus ensuring that there are no hidden costs or variations in billing month to month as with other platforms on the market.

Qualified team

We are the most experienced company in cloud infrastructure in the region, we have the most experienced experts in the market, you can be sure that our solutions reflect that experience and that we will provide specialized and personalized attention.

Secure Solutions

All our cloud infrastructure services have a state-of-the-art virtual router service, we provide each client with all the functionality of an advanced Router, a Virtual Firewall and a VPN concentrator. This will allow your company to create sophisticated and agile networks in a fraction of the time and cost of a traditional strategy based on local infrastructure or other cloud providers.


All the infrastructure provided by Grupo Eximo has a backup scheme with an optimized backup routine at no additional cost, so you can rest assured that your information has acceptable risk levels in case of danger or loss.