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The ADVANCED Cloud Backup By Workload package contains advanced backup and recovery functions.

Prevent restoration of infected files from backups, restore only clean data. Acronis anti-ransomware protection, Immutable backups, Encryption of compressed files.

Protection for more than 20 platforms (microsoft, google, amazon WS, linux, mac, android, mysql, SAP hana, mariadb, vmware, etc) from a single console. Full CLOUD to CLOUD protection for Microsoft 365 , Backup for Microsoft Exchange Online , OneDrive , Teams, Sharepoint, Google Workspace.

Backups according to the desired schedule and frequency: monthly, weekly, daily, hourly, or even every 10 minutes. Obtain backup copies of specific disks/volumes (with all the information necessary for the operating system to boot), files or folders. Cloud Storage and Local Storage. Full image and file-level backups.

Granular database and table retrieval, perform database lookups and/or retrieve all or selected data and tables, without the need to retrieve the entire workload.

Instant recovery: in case of disaster, you can easily restore all data to new hardware. Restore Windows and Linux systems to dissimilar hardware with Acronis Universal Restore. Best RTO in the industry with Acronis Instant Restore.


  • File backup.
  • Image backup.
  • Application backup.
  • Backup of shared network resources.
  • Backup to ACRONIS Cloud storage in the ACRONIS Datacenter.
  • Backup to local storage.
  • Encrypted backups in the ACRONIS Cloud with military-grade security.


Your main office, branch offices, finance department and remote workers.


With the security frameworks of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and ISO/IEC 27001.


A homogeneous technological platform, a single agent, a single console, all in one solution of great value for your company.

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